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Clint Irwin’s Girlfriend Kasey Rudawsky

Written By Proxy Socks on Sunday, December 25, 2016 | 9:13 AM

Clint Irwin’s girlfriend Kasey Rudawsky sat at home with him and watched the election on November 8. They both felt alarmed by the results. Clint attended Elon University and writes occasional pieces for Sports Illustrated and Pacific Standard. Well, Clint, I felt alarmed too. It’s almost impossible to talk about the 2016 without instantly putting half the country on the defensive, but Clint said, “40 years of declining public educational standards finally coming home to roost. If the electorate isn’t educated, this is what we deserve.” This calls to mind what the ancient Greeks originally thought about democracy. The idea is not everyone is qualified to vote for leaders. Of course, this idea slams the modern idea that voting in elections is the right of all, regardless of how educated and informed they are.
Kasey attended Kansas State University and works for a bridal boutique shop. She recently served as her sister’s maid of honor. Her sister described her as the most passionate, caring, and thoughtful person she knows. Clint Irwin’s girlfriend taught her sister Shannyn how to put on makeup. Shannyn also said she looked up to her for her entire life. Kasey prefers to keep all her social media activity private. So we have to use the testaments of others to glean information on her. The move to Toronto will certainly disrupt their living situation, but that’s part of the deal. I believe Clint met Kasey when he played for Colorado Rapids. This makes their relationship fairly new. Maybe they met around 2013?
I wonder if Kasey will move to Toronto. Her current employer is based in St. Louis, but she may work for them remotely. If this is the case, the decision is easy. Yes, Toronto is cold, but it’s also relatively large and cosmopolitan. There’s a lot to like. Clint Irwin’s girlfriend now can take the opportunity to live outside the United States and experience the best of Canada.


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