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Steven Beitashour’s Wife Karlie Beitashour

Written By Proxy Socks on Sunday, December 25, 2016 | 9:14 AM

Steven Beitashour’s wife Karlie Beitashour met him at Leland High School in San Jose, California. She’s a California girl in her heart, but she lives with Steve in Toronto because he plays for Toronto FC. Karlie works at a social media marketing company. In fact, it’s more of an analytics data management company. They let you “manage all your social media marketing in one place.” I don’t know how it works, but they keep Karlie employed so maybe they’re not bad. These companies rarely produce anything real. They more act as middle men between other companies and their users.
The couple do not have any children. Steven Beitashour’s wife seems pretty focused on her career thus far. Karlie keeps busy doing social media stuff while Steven runs around on the field. Essentially everything Karlie shares on Twitter revolves around social media innovations and changes. She doesn’t keep her profile personal at all. However, she does share pictures on Instagram, but it’s private. Most of the small bits of news Karlie shares on her Twitter are not very substantive. She’s interested most of all in how to effectively use social media to build brands in corporate settings.
Neither Steven nor Karlie share much of anything too personal on their Twitter accounts, but they do hang out with other Toronto FC members sometimes. The Beitashours know Sebastian Giovinco and his girlfriend well. Steven Beitashour’s wife moved to Toronto in 2016 so the transition is a new thing. She follows Steven wherever he gets traded to. In the past when he played for the San Jose Frogs and Earthquakes, she probably felt better about the location. However, he makes a lot more money now. She herself is proud of her job and her new life in Toronto. They could be planning for a future with kids soon enough.
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